Small Church Big Vision Virtual Cohort


COVID-19 disrupted every church and the return to a new normal has dominated just about every recent conversation. But what about after you’re back on campus with this pandemic in the rear-view mirror? What will returning church members be focused on in the coming months? Now is the time to start developing and leading a visionary plan for 2021.

Leveraging the tools developed in Will Mancini’s groundbreaking book, God Dreams, the Small Church Big Vision Virtual Cohort is designed to help you:

  • Create energy and focus for 2021
  • Unify leadership toward missional accomplishment
  • Define one visionary, thematic goal for 2021
  • Direct a series of 90-day strategic actions
  • Plan for a “Vision Sunday”
  • Network with other small church pastors pursuing a big kingdom vision

Designed exclusively for churches less than 300 in attendance with one or two pastors, the Small Church Big Vision Virtual Cohort consists of three interactive training sessions. The first two gatherings will be three-hour group trainings designed to define your visionary plan for 2021. The third session will be a 1-1 executive coaching call in with the senior pastor to finalize strategies for vision casting and implementation in your unique context.

All sessions will be led by Auxano Senior Lead Navigator, Mike Gammill.

The Small Church Big Vision Virtual Cohort is $299 per participating church. It is recommended that each church enlist at least three leaders (pastor w/ two others) to participate in the first two training sessions.

As an alternative, churches who may be interested in developing their visionary plan through an Auxano-facilitated onsite leadership retreat can get more information on cost, scheduling, and next steps for that process here.

Don’t miss out - participating churches will be limited to ensure maximum effectiveness in the Small Church Big Vision Vision Cohort. Sign up today and purchase with confidence. If at any point you are not satisfied or confident with the results of this online training, we offer a 100% “Reframe or Refund” guarantee.

Hear what Pastor Troy Scott from LifePoint Church in Goshen, Indiana has to say about Mike Gammill and the Small Church Big Vision planning process.