SUMS Remix


SUMS Remix is Auxano's innovative and unique "book excerpt" created by looking at the challenges church leaders face every week - and presenting solutions from three different books through a brief excerpt AND Go Ahead Actions designed for immediate use.

The issues in each SUMS Remix collection are based on the broad category topics of visionleadershipexecutioncommunicationdiscipleship, and generosity.

A few of the specific problems recently covered include:

  • I have heard about leading upward and downward in an organization, but how can I become an effective leader among my peers?
  • How can I lead our church to leverage the everyday moments of their life to share the gospel?
  • How do I communicate with intentionality?

Why SUMS Remix?

  • You need content that solves the challenges you face every day.
  • You want to scan more information in less time to find the best content.
  • You will to achieve more with more credibility as well-read leader.

SUMS Remix is a digital product, delivered to your email inbox via a PDF. This subscription will automatically renew each year on the anniversary date of your purchase.