God Dreams Boot Camp


God Dreams Boot Camp

Houston, TX - Faithbridge Community Church

April 25-26, 2018

9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day

Churches often have mission or vision statements but struggle in a trap of communication. A visionary church needs something more than a biblical generalization statement. If a pastor does not move beyond this broad sense of where the church is going, momentum will be hard to attain and uphold. If a vision statement does not have meaning, church members will not feel empowered to support it.

The God Dreams Boot Camp will explore twelve templates—with biblical backgrounds and real-time church illustrations—to provide churches break-thru clarity that makes focus more attainable.

Imagine an engaging time that brings energy and enthusiasm to your team like never before. You will have an experienced full-time facilitator who has also led as a pastor in a church your size or larger. Leadership teams report unprecedented progress in these two days.

Your Boot Camp Experience Includes

  • Consultant will review your five year church data trends
  • Your Horizon Storyline will be completed with long and short range goals
  • Two follow-up coaching calls within 90 days for completion of your beyond-the-horizon vision vivid description with team leader
  • Consultant will provide church growth recommendations
  • Two days of immersive and interactive training with your team of 5
  • Guided learning around core leadership principles from Auxano's God Dreams Workbook
  • Development of a phased implementation plan custom-fit for your church
  • Lunches and breaks throughout the Boot Camp

Transportation to the host church, local lodging, and evening meals are NOT included


Will Mancini and Kent Vincent will create a collaborative learning environment that will help you see that the that the role of vision in your church is like an axe. When it is skillfully used, it makes a path clear, removes obstacles, and allows a wider path for others to follow. “Most pastors regularly pick up the axe of vision in their ministry. Some quickly set it back down, having never been trained in its effective use. Others swing like crazy, unaware that they wield a dull edge. This Boot Camp will sharpen your axe of vision; it will help you gain new competencies in planning and communication.”