God Dreams Certification

You love helping churches, but it’s time for a new toolbox.

Auxano provides strategist training opportunities using our proven church vision planning processes from the landmark book God Dreams.

The next Certification event will take place in 2022.

Are you passionate about helping churches discover where God is taking them? God Dreams Certification equips local church and denominational/network leaders with the training and time-tested tools to help congregations develop a visionary plan for the future.

Where many visionary training tools lack the functionality for merging long and short-range dreams for a local church, the God Dreams process contains tools and exercises that integrate a comprehensive view of the future from the first 90 days to the next 10 years. No other church planning toolbox sustains forward progress for your churches as naturally as God Dreams.


During this four-day virtual training experience led by Auxano Senior Lead Navigators, you will gain:

  • understanding of the principles and practices within the God Dreams toolbox
  • support within a community of other growth minded leaders serving the local church
  • confidence to help pastors develop an inspiring dream supported by executable actions
  • experience with a proven, helpful process that applies best practices in context

Every pastor wants to make disciples, but few have a visionary plan in place to actually do so. God Dreams Certification provides the training and tools to help strategic outsiders help pastors do more than just dream of a healthy, reproducing church. Certification helps you bring their dreams to reality.

While Auxano primarily trains non-profit leaders, a very limited number of for-profit consulting spots are available at each Certification event. Contact our Lead Certification Navigator Luke Francis (luke@auxano.com), for more information on for-profit participation.


Your Certification purchase includes:

  • Four days of training from Auxano Senior Lead Navigators actively using the tools
  • Access to a digital library of tools and constructs, including downloadable handouts
  • Tips and techniques for facilitating church vision teams as they develop their vision
  • Practice using the tools, especially in three key places we’ve seen teams get stuck
  • Ongoing support from the Auxano team and other Certified leaders
  • Future updates to the toolbox, and opportunities to refresh your consulting skills
  • Interactive training during Certification week from 9:45 a.m. ET Monday through 4:25 p.m. Thursday

We now offer the ability to pay in full or two installments - just select the payment plan below that meets your needs. Make sure to select the payment option located at the bottom of the product page.

Note: The installment options include a small processing fee and uses subscription language to describe breaking down the certification cost into two or three “subscription” payments over the corresponding number of months. No charges are made beyond the actual cost listed below.   

Reach out to Luke Francis at luke@auxano.com for discounted pricing for Certification alumni or for two or more team members from the same organization.

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