SUMS Remix Prior Issues

We are now making prior issues of SUMS Remix available for purchase!

Volumes 1-6, released in 2015-2020, contain 161 total issues in six collections, with excerpts from 482 books.

SUMS Remix was Auxano's innovative and unique "book excerpt" created by looking at the challenges church leaders face every week - and presenting solutions from three different books through a brief excerpt AND Go Ahead Actions designed for immediate use.

The issues in each SUMS Remix collection are based on the broad category topics of vision, leadership, execution, communication, discipleship, and generosity.

A few of the specific problems covered include:

  • I have heard about leading upward and downward in an organization, but how can I become an effective leader among my peers?
  • How can I lead our church to leverage the everyday moments of their life to share the gospel?
  • How do I communicate with intentionality?
  • My team is stuck in an endless cycle of problem solving.

Currently, we have six collections available, each with 21-31 issues in the collection.

> Purchase one collection for $30

> Purchase two or more collections for $24 each, using the code Remix2

Click on the images below to see a sample of the topics covered for that particular Bookshelf, and to order the collection.

This is a digital product - when you purchase a collection, you will receive a PDF containing the issues, with links to download the issues.