SUMS Remix Execution Bookshelf - Volumes 1-6


30 SUMS Remix issues on Execution available on one downloadable PDF, with links to download each issue.

Sample Problem Statements covered in the issues in this Bookshelf:

  • My team needs practical help with personal productivity.
  • We accommodate visitors each Sunday rather than expecting Guests.
  • How do we react when our plans hit a brick wall?
  • I'm not really creative, and my church is stuck in the rut called status quo - what do I do?
  • Why is it so hard to make lasting change in my organization?
  • How has my preoccupation with my church’s survival stunted its opportunities for growth?

A single SUMS Remix Bookshelf is $30, but when you buy two or more and use the code Remix2 at check out, each Bookshelf will be $24.